BWC x VOTE for your favorite BUCK BAND

Nobody knows what Buck Wild Crew means more than our following, and maybe Chuck Norris. That said, we are reaching out to you to buck in your opinion on what color BWC BAND best describes your inner Buck. If you don’t see your color below, be sure to let us know in the comments section!


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The ship has sailed and the boat has finally arrived.  Fresh crops of Buck Wild Crew wristbands are ready for harvest and available now for you to rep.  BWC bands come in 6 different colors — BLACK, BLUE, RED, PINK, LIGHT BLUE, and GREEN.  Which one is your favorite?






BWC BANDS need solid real estate – esteemed individuals who rank high in their inner circles. For that we’re giving away BWC wristbands to friends of the BWC who leave us some love in the COMMENTS section below. Let us know what makes you BUCK and we’ll be sure to e-mail you back.


Buy yours today at the BWC website: for only $2 BUCKS


Buy it in person for only $1 BUCK! E-mail us at the spec’s on what you want/when.

Buck Anklet, Buck Wild Crew's new line of Buck Bands have arrived. Get your buck on and strap a band to your hot body.


BWC x Free Your Wildside


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BWC x Young BUCK

So who even started the revolution known as “Buck Wild Crew“? I hear this question all the time… About the mysterious, legendary man behind the Bucktown mask… Nature’s wildest turbine. As Buck Wild Crew’s esteemed and respect-earning marketing team, we’ve decided it appropriate to go searching for the Young Buck and surface his rising tale to Buck glory.  It wasn’t easy unearthing his life history, but we are relentless and here is our story:

Step One: Google search “Kyle Brennan“…

..and just like that the rooster was let out of his cage.

1 - BWC, BWC x Young Buck

As a Young Buck, Kyle was no stranger to the camera.  Winking, smiling, and farting came as natural as nature itself.  Destiny was stirring and Kyle knew that keeping a healthy public image was vital to the years of Buck to come.

2 - BWC, BWC x Young Buck

Keeping fashionably sensitive and book smart meant keeping up with what the future would expect of him. Above, is Kyle as a Young Buck, “invisioning” the path to Buck Wild Crew.

3 - BWC, BWC x Young Buck

As a young squirt, Kyle gained passion for the world of high action sports. Kicking goals in and kicking ass.. A sign of his aggressive team spirit came early in life.

4 - BWC, BWC x Young Buck

Leadership also came early in Kyle’s life, as he was named Team Captain (Captain Buck). New responsibilities meant new fashion upkeep and with that came new face gear.

6 - BWC, BWC x Young Buck

In fact, the glasses never came off. Neither did the beanie. Fashion became his new middle name.

5 - BWC, BWC x Young Buck

Throughout his wonder years, hard work was met at every corner. Even a Young Buck is required to earn his antlers.

7 - BWC, BWC x Young Buck

There were some weird stages of life that came along Nature’s Trail of life for Young Buck.. including this here haircut.

8 - BWC, BWC x Young Buck

Several years in the pen taught Kyle discipline and determination. And how to grow a mustache – which is mandatory in becoming BUCK.

9 - BWC, BWC x Young Buck

There we go, we’ve finally arrived to Buck. Still a Young Buck, yet the curls in his hair suggest that he’s embraced the Buck calling that he’s always “INvisioned”.  Bucktown will be distributing hi fives and baby blessings upon requests from now until forever, so please kindly LIKE our Facebook page (CLICK HERE) and leave us your thoughts and delicate feelings.

Or become BUCK today, join the movement at

Comments are always welcome.. just don’t leave us any spam terds.

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— BWC x Free Your Wildside. It’s only Natural.


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BWC x Early Beginnings

This is how BUCK got its start..

We lost some clothes and we added some wild women.

IMG_20120526_144310, Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

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